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"I would recommend

Greenville Wordsmiths to 

every organization

serving children."



Doug McLaughlin

Roper Mountain Science Center

Since August 2015, Greenville Wordsmiths has taken its innovative publishing curriculum into schools, getting books into the hands of thousands of young authors. 

But all too often, students see us as a "special event" - something disconnected from the authentic classroom experience.  We aren't "real writing."

With this in mind, we have shifted gears to a groundbreaking Remote Publishing Program. 

Our FULL curriculum is now available, free-of-charge, right here. We hope educators will use this as a jumping off point to create magical stories on a wide variety of subjects: a Choose Your Own Adventure about mitochondria, or a Storytelling and Bookmaking workshop set in diverse South Carolina geographical features. 

You can even just do your own thing and create a series of stories loosely based on our whimsical designs!

South Carolina teachers can either follow our instructions to self-publish, or submit each month for a chance to be professionally printed by us, totally free of charge! 

So click around and enjoy. We can't wait to read!

Available for a limited time this "Spooky Season," create monster stories with your students inspired by everyday objects!

Recommended Grades: 3-7

Time: Two 45-Minute Sessions

Get your youngest writers excited about stories as they try to impress The Master Wordsmith.

Recommended Grades: 1-3

Time: 60-90 minutes

Create an action-packed book where your students get to make choices - and lots of them! Great for encouraging collaboration, as well as studies of POV and plot.

Recommended Grades: 4-8

Time: Varies (2 Options)

Made Possible by a Grant

from The Jolley Foundation

Optional Workshop Ideas:

Real Books for Real Stories, A Remote Publishing Program

Take your students through time on this time-travel adventure that combines creative writing, history, and a whole lot of critical thinking.

Recommended Grades: 4-8

Time: 60-90 Minutes