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"It's not like school.

I can write stories

about anything."




Saturday Writing Club


Writing club filled within 6 hours of posting. This is unprecedented! We will be sifting through registrations this weekend, and you will know by Monday if your child was accepted or wait-listed. Remember: we reserve a certain percentage of slots for students with learning differences, and we also try to keep a strong balance of ages and genders. Thank you for your understanding as we build our class!



The theme this semester is "NOTICE." Writers are observers! Students will write in a genre of their choosing as we explore ways to start noticing the little, seemingly insignificant details in the world around us. For the first time since 2016, this club will feature two poetry sessions!

We are always flexible on ages, depending on student ability, but our general range is 7-13. This year we are accepting 15 total students. There will be a wait-list of 5 students.

As always, writing club is FREE to all participants, and it includes a copy of the book at the end of the semester. This year, however, we are also suggesting that families of repeat participants make a small donation to help make our club self-sustaining and less grant-dependent. This is totally optional, and you will get more information once registration opens.

For the first time, we will be operating EVERY Saturday from 10:00-11:30 on a shorter timetable. Dates are as follows:

September 21 - Noticing Images (Ekphrastic Poetry)

September 28 - Noticing Connections (Metaphor)

October 5 - Noticing Conversations (Realistic Dialogue)

October 12 - Noticing Behavior (Gesture)

October 19 - Noticing Yourself (The Writer's Voice - Field Trip to Read Up!)

(October 26 - NO CLUB, Break for GCS Fall Break)

November 2 - Revising and Editing

November 9 - Book Design and Layout

November 16 - Performing Your Stories

Book Launch - December 14