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We are a tax-exempt organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3). 

Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. 

Owner/Program Director

Adrienne Burris


Adrienne earned her MA Writer/Teacher from Goldsmiths, University of London (2015) and her BA in Writing & Publication Studies from Clemson (2010). Her research, which earned marks of distinction, focused on creativity in the writing of children with autism spectrum disorders. She has been leading writing workshops for young people for 9+ years. She is also the Fiction Editor for Emry's Journal. Adrienne loves Halloween, so her favorite workshop is one where the students make blanket forts, then crawl inside them with flashlights to write scary stories. You can email her directly at greenvillewordsmiths@gmail.com.

About Us

Mallory Pellegrino



Mallory Pellegrino is the Director of Education at the Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC. She passionately believes in experiential learning and arts integration: whether it is using the actor's approach to Shakespeare to unlock the Bard's language, tackling a difficult topic through the lens of theatre, or just some good old-fashioned creative play. Mallory and her #hulkhusband have recently converted their formal dining room into a personal library-- the shelves are already full. Mallory is also extremely fond of her two knuckle-headed dogs, a strong cup of coffee, and a good mixed tape. 


Marty Duckenfield

Board Member


Marty Duckenfield recently left the National Dropout Prevention Center to work exclusively on educational broadcasts as both host and producer with Clemson Broadcast Productions. Marty also founded the Clemson Duckenfield Scholars Program, which sends two honors students to Oxford University for a summer abroad. She mostly enjoys bringing together interesting people and helping them share their stories and experiences to benefit others.  Really, she just loves doing anything that's creative! 

John A. "Mac" McArthur

Board Member

John A. McArthur is an Associate Professor in the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte where he directs the school’s graduate programs in communication. Dr. McArthur studies the ways that our physical surroundings makes us think, feel, and act, and how digital technologies might change all that. His first academic book, Digital Proxemics, will be published in Spring 2016. His love of creative writing started in elementary school, when he wrote an illustrated a fictional story about whale poachers, and tried to make a living peddling homemade bookmarks among the neighbors.


Sam Slaughter

Board Member 


Emily Dallam

Board Member